Eccentric Collar Ball Bearings

Eccentric Collar Ball Bearings

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 Eccentric Collar Ball Bearings

  • Three types: normal duty SXR, intermediate duty SXV, and light duty SLX.

  • Single-lip contact seal (standard), single-lip contact seal with flingers (optional on SXR), low-torque labyrinth seal (optional on SXR), end covers available from stock for SXR and SXV.

  • Interchangeable mounting dimensions with most competitive products.

  • Eccentric collar locks the bearing to the shaft by a quarter turn of the collar in direction of shaft rotation collar is secured in place with setscrew.

  • Anti-rotation device on SXR prevents insert rotation associated with light or rotating loads/high-speed applications.

  • Expansion pillow blocks available for popular shaft sizes.

  • High-temperature option available to 400°F on SXR.

  • Plus or minus 2° static misalignment.