JK Pioneer Bis Industrial Chains

JK Pioneer Bis Industrial Chains

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JK Pioneer transmission chains from Fenner India are robust in construction and are capable of transmitting the torque at high efficiency. These chains are manufactured as per british standards and conform to BS 228 and DIN 8187 respectively. The chains are made of high quality carbon steel with prescise pitch control thus ensuring smooth and efficient transmission drives. They are ideal for synchronous drives such as Packaging and printing machinery.


  • Roller chains offer a positive and non-slip drive.
  • Large center distances are possible.
  • A single chain can drive several shafts simultaneously in almost any configuration.
  • Chain drives can be used up to a ratio of 9:1.
  • Very compact drive for a given torque.
  • No pre-load is required to tension the chain thus increasing the life of the motor and the drive shaft bearings.
  • Chains are highly standardized across the world.
  • JK Pioneer Transmission Chains are available as per British standards from ¼” pitch to 3” pitch. Single strand (Simplex), Double strand (Duplex), Triple strand (Triplex) chains are available.